News | Mar 15, 2020

Circumstances change, we stand by you!

In this environment that the Global Society has to face for the first time, solidarity and personal responsibility are necessary qualities.

As this crisis tends to escalate, Kekeris Yachts with consistency and responsibility will take care and immediately respond with an enhanced protection policy.
Within this framework, our family Company successfully implements remote working with initial target to contribute to the national effort to decelerate the spreading of the virus *Covid-19 in Greece.

Through the technological innovation of video web conferencing, it has become possible for our people to attend meetings without being present in the office or in a single location. Our Meeting room are no longer necessitie, as our collaborators/clients can now hold instant booking requests or meetings through our video calling platform like and our audio conferencing provider.

The purpose of the preventive measures of our family Company is the protection of the employees and the society and the unhindered continuation of the Company’s functions, so that we may be able to offer high quality services to our customers.